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Gopalnagar Plot Owners Welfare Association (Regd.No. 1000/11)
Hydernagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad.
Phone: 8885045668, 8885045669 gopalnagar.hyd@gmail.com

Next meeting is on 15-May-2016@11:00AM(Every Sunday)

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 Narendra wrote at 2015-11-03 8:10 am:
new LRS scheme anaounced.
Please apply and get all the plots LRS cleared to safeguard out plots.

 raju wrote at 2014-11-17 8:28 pm:
  Decent colony
This colony looks similar to vasanthnagar colony when all the roads are laid.Hope with green plantation this colony looks greenery, calm and decent in another 1 year and showing good progress

 kiran wrote at 2014-11-11 1:35 pm:
Upcoming excellent colony

 Prashanth reddy wrote at 2014-01-05 7:11 pm:
  Don't neglect your plots, take right decision to save your plot.
Hi friends! Greetings to the GopalNagar Welfare Association.
We are all know about Gokul plots without any registration, they constructed houses and flats. Really they are good and having guts, even today the cost is 20000 per sq yard in Gokul. We can dare and construct houses in our plots also, since out plots are registered plots.

Dear friends please come forward and construct houses or at least compound walls. If you have no dare, please give development for apartments, there are good and reputed builders ready to take and construct good apartments in our valuable plots.
Some people trying to grab the plots which are vacant. If you neglect now, you will loose your plot. Already some people are suffering and now crying and daily facing problems.
Please come forward and take right decision immediately with out any delay. Thanks for your help and kind co-operation

 venkat ramana vanam wrote at 2013-11-20 4:26 pm:
  starting appaartments
we are happy to inform that we are constructing apartments @501 502 503 and looking for the details of the owner of plot No. 500, so that we can add him also, if they are intersted, please contact thanks sneha.consta@gmail.com venkat ramana vanam

 B.Srikanth wrote at 2013-07-02 7:14 pm:
  Society changing the boundaries, reducing the size of the plots & adding new plot numbers in surrounding plots - reg
It is observed that, the boundaries of the surrounding plots particularly in 800 series changed by Society and marked with red color & stones. We removed all the stones and caught hold of the society workers and stopped. But still Society is changing the boundaries once again with red color markings. As per Society boy Anand, there are 4 extra plots in the middle with by-numbers. So they are including these plots and adjusting the plots by reducing the size to 260 Square yards instead of 300. Hence all the plot owners are requested to look of their plots and protect your plots. We all can plan for giving complaint to GHMC and we all together put Police case against Society. One of our 800 series plot owner Ravinder Reddy already put Police case against Suribabu also in this regard. Let us plan together and save our plots.

 Rammohana Rao C wrote at 2013-03-10 7:29 pm:
  CONGRATULATIONS to Gopalnagar Plot Owners Welfare Association
Many congratulations to WELFARE ASSOCIATION for acheiving the Electrical Supply through respectable High Court.

Members done good work patiently and won this.They saved our Gopalnagar Plot owners by saving our plots from Society.
I paid Rs. 95,000 for my plot and they not done basemit also.
How to get back this money from society? Many plot owners are given 60,000 and not done any work.
Also plan to go to court to get this money back from society and save money of our plot owners.

 amarnath wrote at 2013-03-04 8:53 pm:
  cograts to plotowners of gopal nagar.
I heard that the stay on electricity on our Gopalnagar is vacated by Honourable High Court. News from our highcourt advocates....
Congratulations to the Team of Welfare Association.
I appreciate their effort and hard work for acheiving this.
Let us work together and show good progress further.

 K A P THRIMURTHULU wrote at 2012-12-09 7:58 pm:
  Plot No.264- KAP Thrimurthulu& K Maha Lakshmi
Excellent job done by newly floated Gopal Nagar Plot Owners welfare Association.I have paid initial amount of Rs.5000/- for inastallation of tranformer on receiving the call with out any hasitation to encourage the lead takers and support the cause as I was toattally convinced that the old association is not interested in welfare of the plot owners.
Commendable job done by new team and look forward to be part of any developmental activities initiated.
Please let us know through mail/mobile No.091766 42247.
Thanks & Regards,

 Srinivas & K.Y.Rao wrote at 2012-11-10 11:39 am:
  Request for suggestion
We have paid hard earned money in this Society land.

Society allotted/registered park area to myself and my relative on the railway track side in Jan 2008. Society first allotted and also registered plots in our name in the clear layout area in 1990 and afterwards they have taken back the registered plots by saying that there is shortage of land area to allocate for all other society members, and then allotted plots in the park area at railway track side. Subsequently we have been told that the entire venture/land would be given to the Developer for construction, and each member would be given flats at 10 sq.ft for each sq.yd. Now, society dropped the proposal of Development.

We heard that as per the Master plan the main road is being extended to 200 ft wide road and in that case our plots (2 nos) will get into this road cutting.

Our doubt is the plots allotted to us is coming under the park area, and hence govt. may not compensate us. Society is telling that they have submitted the revised Layout to the GHMC by showing the Plots in park area and hence when govt. proceed for road cutting they will definitely compensate us at Govt. rate.

We request the Welfare Association and other sr. members to kindly advise and tell us whether Government will compensate us for the plot area loosing by us or not, and what is the way out to get back the land/other resolution.

 SrikanthReddy wrote at 2012-08-04 3:14 pm:
  Gokul plots and Prajay side plot also sold out by Society.
Society sold all the parks and roads inside. We have verified in GHMC in LRS applications. GHMC rejected the applications. NOt only parks some area of Gokul plots and Prajay ventures also sold out. Society changed tha layout also and I have copy. you give complaint to Commissioner GHMC, I will give copy of new layout changed and applied lrs in Moosapet office available.

 AJain wrote at 2012-08-04 3:10 pm:
  go for constructing houses, we will help you.
Don't worry. We are there. Nobody will do anything. You darely go for constructing houses in your plots. It is your registered plot. If extra things done by Society, we will lodge complaint on selling all the parks and double registrations and selling the roads.

 PVRaju wrote at 2012-08-04 3:06 pm:
  Returning of MOUs given to Society for Apartments
good development seen in Gopalnagar now a days . So I asked Suribabu to return my MOUs given to Society for Golden Gate Builders. He returned also. Suribabu told they dropped the Builder devlopement plan, since people are interested in individual houses and got LRS. He told that he is worried about the Parks sold out no permission from GHMC. he told that people is not in our control, hence AGM meeting will be conducted in August and tell to go for Individual HOuses. Go and ask to return the MOUs given.

 M.Satyannarayana wrote at 2012-04-07 7:18 am:
  Society doing LRS - Dropped the Flats development MOU - reg
When I got call from Society for LRS, I went to Society office. Suribabu asked me go for LRS and the society is itself is encouraging and doing LRS. When asked about the Golden Plate Flats development, he said that Society dropped the proposal and society is doing LRS. At least now, society realised and encouraging the plot owners. Thank you. My Bavagaru told that Electricity is also come to our Gopalnagar and attend the next sunday meeting.

 Kiran wrote at 2012-03-14 10:23 pm:
  Electric transformer - A good progress made into realty
I was also apprehensive initially but went ahead and contributed 5000/ since it is not a big amount compared to 60,000/ i paid to our old society. I appreciate this team for making the electrical works a reality with this small amount. I hope all the other members will come forward and contribute to show progress in our Gopalnagar into a good neighbourhood.


 K. Mohan Reddy wrote at 2012-03-11 1:17 pm:
  Excellent job done - Electrical Transformer lines laid by Association team.
Today(11/3/2012) I have attended the meeting along with my family. conducting the proceedings in an structured manner and accommodating the opinions of participants is really impressive. we payed rs. 5000 towards electricity to strengthen the hands of persons who are taking active role for common good. Hope other plot owners will make the team more strong by paying the amount for common expenditures.

Actually, I got doubt about money and later I am very much surprised to see that they have done excellent job by laying electrical transformer and lines with this small amount, that also only by some plot owners. After that all my doubts were cleared & payed the money immediately and joined the hands with them. All the plot owners should come to Gopalnagar and appreciate the team for this excellent job.

 M RENUKA .PLOT NO 661 wrote at 2011-12-14 4:33 pm:
It is very happy that Electricity transformer and LT lines sanctioned to our plots. I am conveying thanks to our association & other responsible persons helped for sanctionng Electrical transformer.I request all the plot owners to get this opportunity and pay amount Rs. 5000 as early as possible to start works by the Association. If we pay only, they can do this activity. I am ready to pay.

 M.Satyannarayana wrote at 2011-12-13 8:32 pm:
  Let us work together and develope our Gopalnagar
Venkata garu said is right. Use this good chance and pay the amount for electrical works. This is everyone's responsibility for the progress of Gopalnagar. Once power comes, automatically, people will come forward to construct houses & apartments also. And we will get a lot of benifit out of it. We are very lucky to have a site nearer to Hitech city & Kukatpally. My friends are surprised to see our plots in such a beatiful location and interested for purchasing the plots also. So pay the amount and let us help each other for providing electric power supply.

 venkat wrote at 2011-12-12 7:16 am:
  Please contribute for electrical works & utilise the opportunity
Dear plot owners, please utilise the opportunity to provide the electrical transformer in Gopalnagar by the Welfare Association by paying Rs.5000. Please note that the expenditure cannot be incurred by them and they are also have limited amounts. You all should come forward and liberarly contribute the amount to complete the Electrical works, so that we can see the better progress in Gopalnagar. Otherwise, our Gopalnagar will be always like this only. So don't think selfish, that they are anyway continue working. Think once, they cannot continue and incur big amounts for this type of big works. So, please come forward and contribute the amount before they get vexed and leave it.

 SURESH VARMA wrote at 2011-12-08 5:51 pm:

 sasi bhushan wrote at 2011-11-27 5:31 pm:
  NOC from Railways
Dear members relating to the plots which are near to the Railway track. please note that

As per Railway norms, No Objection certificate is to be obtained from Railways to construct the houses which are with in 30 Mtrs from the Railway boundary. No construction is permitted with in 15 Mtrs from center line of the existing Railway Track. (including the railway land). The plot owners may verify that their plot is with in the 30 Mtrs from the Railway Boundary and they have to obtain the NOC from Railway. Members may please note that NOC is not issue for open plots. For construction of houses only Railway issue NOC. As such the owners have to prepare their house plan and to submit to Railways along with their sale deeds and a request letter. Railways will verify the application and see that no one will get easement Rights on Railway land and issue NOC for construction of house. The Railway office related to our venture is Sr.DEN/Co-ord office 3rd floor, Sanchalan Bhavan, Secunderabad. As such the members need not worry about the buffer zone near Railway track and please get the NOC from Railways. It is happy to say that one member by name Sri L.L. Narasimham garu has already got Noc from Railways.

 Dr. P.V.R.Ravindra Reddy wrote at 2011-11-21 5:39 pm:
  plots in survey no:150
As per mail posted Mr. PSN Muthy 10 acres are being given developement in survey number 150. Can any body tell me what are the plot numbers falling in survey no:150

 sasi bhushan wrote at 2011-11-18 7:59 pm:
  development - no benifit.
I came to know that the society is having a plan for handing over the site to a developer by name Golden Gate. They offered 9 SFT per each Sq. yard including common and car parking. Let us calculate the area involved:
The present SFI in Hyderabad is 1:2.5. I came to know that our land is in high rise zone and the FSI is 1:5. For present calculation i would considering only 1:2.5.
that means in the area of 93 acres the permissible built up area is
93x4800x22.5 (2.5x9)= 1,00,44,000 Sft.
The company offering to the members (roughly) is
980x300x9= 26,46,000 SFT
That mean the percentage is around 26%
Where as in the market rate it is around 45 to 50 percent. Let us think about it twice and sign the MOUs of the Society

 P.S.N.Murthy wrote at 2011-11-18 6:46 pm:
  Yes. Society not objecting for individual houses.
10 acres development by Golden Gate / Prathyush company by Society is true. I also met him and told that he cannot go without permission of plot owners. He told that if some objects also, he cannot go ahead and he want to convince them and shift their plots. And also he told that recently Court Lawyer given a Public notice on some land and showed to me. It is on survey No 150. So he informed that Society want to go with only 10 acres and they cannot go on entire land, because of this notice and ULC and also all the plot owners are not agreeing. He also told that 10 acres plot owners almost agreed.

 Rama Krishna.G wrote at 2011-11-18 6:26 pm:
  Already constructing the buildings, please visit site.
Why confusion?. Recently, I met with Suri Babu. He asked me to give option for development. As I am insterested in constructing my own house, Suri Babu told that there is no force to go for development and without our permission, he cannot go for development and also told that if you are interested to construct the individual house, we can go ahead. Unnecssary, we are thinking like that. I visited the site and some people already started constructing houses. So, please visit the site and you also plan for constructing house.

 MEE SREYOBHILASHI wrote at 2011-11-17 7:21 pm:
  Please read
Obsolutely, Society has no right to give it to other company without the permission of each and every plot owner.
and Society should not involve in their personal benifits.

Quoting the some of important by-laws of Society in this regard:-

(1) No amendment of any bye-law of a society shall be valid unless 4[the
resolution for such amendment is passed at its General meeting 5[by a
majority of not less than two-thirds of the members present and voting] and]
such amendment has been registered under this Act.
(5) If in the opinion of the Registrar, an amendment of the bye-laws of a society is necessary or desirable in the interest of such society or of the Co-operative movement, he may, in the manner prescribed, call upon the society to make any amendment within such time as he may specify. If the society fails to make such an amendment within the time so specified, the Registrar may, after giving the society an opportunity of making its representation, register such amendment and forward the society by registered post a copy of the amendment together with a certificate signed by him; such a certificate shall be conclusive evidence that the amendment has been duly registered ; and such an amendment shall have the same effect as an amendment of any bye-law made by the society.MEANS IF WE ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH ANY BYELAW OF SOCIETY WE CAN APPROACH REGISTRAR AND CAN REQUEST FOR AMENDMENT.

Hence need not worry, go for construction of individual houses in your plots.

 SAROJINI DEVI wrote at 2011-11-17 7:28 am:
  Very good work done by the Asociation people
Good morning. We came to know though my friends and with the help of website that a good works are being done by some people in Gopalnagar. latest news from our old society is that they are trying to give 10 arcs land to unknown company for devlopment without asking permission from the plot owners. Are they have right to do so?

 JM wrote at 2011-11-14 11:40 pm:
  Precious Gift. Don't Loose your plot.
Dear All, Thanks for this initiative and positive move towards Plot Owners Welfare Association. We all should be pity to see the progress in this layout for the last 3 decades, even the place is very ideal (3 KM away from Hitech City, where 2 lacs people are working directly.) I am sure, many of us, are having dreams to stay near to this wonderful premises, which is accesible to almost everything. However, the key success factor, to fulfil our dreams in this society is our Unity & Team work. Let us all, join our hands with little more aggression and save our plots for next generations.

 colvsrao wrote at 2011-11-05 3:18 am:
Since the first step of getting registration of Association is over,we have to move to the next tasks:
-- Mobilise plot owners to join
-- liaise with GHMC/MLA/local leader for laying main road and street lights
--find ways to get one transformer installed as early as possible
--circulate list of contractors who are willing to take up construction in Gopalnagar colony for the benifit of those planning to take up contruction
--explore possibilty of clearing main road
so that our activity is seen
All actions should be transperent

 srinivas wrote at 2011-10-25 6:48 am:
  ULC plots history in Gopalnagar
This is Srinivas. I want to tell you facts about Gopalnagar ULC plots. In 1964 this complete land registered(600/64) to 6 members as undivided land sharing. After that in 1980 all these 6 members sold(613/80) it to Gopalnagar housing society. This society registered this land to their members in 1981. In 1995 after sold out his property, one of six members gave the declaration to the Govt. under ULC as part of his lands.

Govt. then without any verification of ownership of this land, they declared in 2006 as ULC land in this part.We enquired in ULC office about our land status in the year 2006. They told us that there is no ULC in that land.

Suddenly in 2008 the Govt. released a G.O 747 on this land. Now stay is continuing on this GO. This is the fact in our ULC part land. So all 130 plot owners in ULC part land must come forward and fight against this. Some of the Plot Owners already constructed small sheds and living in the huts to save their plots.

 Rama Rao wrote at 2011-06-18 2:11 pm:
  Gopalnagar Plot Owners meetings - good sign.
Dear All,
We came to know that recently some interesting people are conducting meeting for showing good progress. I am interested to construct the house soon. Thanks for one and all. Keep it up.

 System wrote at 2011-05-22 2:09 pm:
Welcome to my guestbook. I would be pleased if you would make an entry.

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